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Having a waterfront home on one of our local lakes, Lake Norman, Lake Wylie, Mountain Island Lake to name just a few, your dock or pier helps you to enjoy the lake lifestyle and all these lakes have to offer. Wakes and waves, the sun, weather and other boaters can degrade your dock’s appearance and functionality to a point where some type of dock repair may be necessary. When that happens, turn to CTC Grading & Hauling for your dock repair needs.

Located in Mooresville, NC, CTC Grading & Hauling has extensive experience in all types of dock repair. Need dredging? We have dredging equipment to keep your waterfront accessible to your boat. Pilings loose or damaged? Our crew of highly skilled professionals can repair or replace your dock pilings to ensure the continued enjoyment of your investment. Decking or deck boards faded, cracked or dry-rotted? Vinyl rub-rails missing or damaged from years of boating use? With experience in the latest deck materials and construction techniques, CTC Grading & Hauling will rebuild or upgrade your dock to the latest standards and make it a great place for you to enjoy the lake lifestyle!

Here are examples of what the weather can do to your dock over time. Dry rot is not only ugly, it also makes your dock unsafe to use.

dock impact damage

Dry-rotted dock created unsafe surface.

dock weather damage

Weather damaged dock.

Another weather-damaged dock. You can see a dock that has had extensive dock repair next to the dock with old, weathered decking.

dock weather damaged

A weather damaged dock next to a dock repair example.

dock repair piling

Pilings are the foundation of your dock.

These are examples of dock repair using some of the latest materials. Vinyl decking is a cost-effective material for your dock’s surface.

dock repair vinyl

Vinyl decking used on this dock repair.

new vinyl dock

Another dock repair with vinyl deck boards.

Give Chris Handy, owner of CTC Grading and Hauling,  a call today and let him show you how we can help with all your dock repair needs!

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