Riprap, Rip Rap River Rock Installations and Material in the Lake Norman, Lake Hickory and Lake Wylie Areas.

If you live on Lake Norman, Lake Wylie or any of the other lakes in our area, you know how important it is to control the erosion on your shoreline. The waves and boat wakes are constantly eating away at your property and decreasing the enjoyment and investment you have made. Riprap is an effective defense against this erosion and CTC Grading & Hauling can handle any riprap project, small or large,

What is riprap? Riprap is rocks arranged on a shoreline typically used to prevent erosion from water. You have probably seen or even walked on it before. It creates a nice border between the shore and the water. Installation can be done with various types of rock depending on the application, budget and required design aesthetic. Commonly, River Rock, Large Natural Rock, Quarry Surge Stone or Quarry Shot Rock are used for rip rap in the Lake Norman Area.

The proper installation is crucial to the effectiveness of erosion control and CTC Grading & Hauling has done many rip rap and river rock installations and are considered the most trusted of local experts on Lake Norman and the other North Carolina and South Carolina lakes. Installation methods will vary depending on the job, but the installation normally begins with grading the embankment. Then the embankment is covered with a filter cloth, followed by the selected riprap material. It is important that there be a buried toe installed below the mean low water mark. Making sure the toe is properly installed is essential to the effectiveness of the riprap. The late-summer through winter is the prefect time to get your Lake Norman riprap project done since the lake levels are low. This allows the best installation possible.

Here are some pictures of Lake Norman and Lake Wylie rip rap rock installations.

Lake Norman Riprap

Lake Norman RIprap installation.

Lake Wylie Riprap

Lake Wylie Riprap Installation.

Different materials can give your shoreline a different look while still maintaining the erosion control properties necessary. We adhere to all Duke Energy specifications.

Riprap in North Carolina

Riprap in North Carolina

Riprap in South Carolina

Riprap in South Carolina

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