Protect your Waterfront Property With Shoreline Stabilization on Lake Norman

What is Shoreline Stabilization? It is the process of building a barrier or other covering against the shoreline that is exposed to wind, wave action and tide to reduce shoreline erosion.

Shoreline erosion is a natural process that occurs on our area lakes including Lake Norman and Lake Wylie. It is the removal of sediments from the shoreline and is caused by storms, waves, rain and wind. Without some type of barrier, shoreline erosion can drastically affect your waterfront property as it is eroded into the lake causing property loss.

Shoreline Stabilization on Lake Norman

Shoreline Stabilization on Lake Norman

CTC Grading uses many shoreline erosion control techniques on Lake Norman. Our shoreline stabilization methods include seawall construction using block and riprap or river rock. Our experience with shoreline stabilization projects on Lake Norman ensures you get the best possible protection for your property.

Shoreline Stabilization Process

Prepare the slope of the shore. The soil must be stable before laying the rip rap. Dredging and excavating work is done to stabilize the soil and prepare the slope.

Lay the rip rap. Rip rap is hard quarry-cut stone such as limestone or granite chunks, typically 12-18″ in length, having at least two fractured faces. These rocks lock in place against each other and provide a barrier against erosion. Two layers of stone is typical. The first being smaller as it is the filter layer. The top layer is the armor layer and protects against the hard impacts of wave action when the lake is busy or storms are present.

Protect your investment and the enjoyment of your Lake Norman or Lake Wylie waterfront property and call CTC Grading for an evaluation of your shoreline stabilization needs. We also repair existing shoreline installations as well as construct new seawalls.

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